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Real Estate Photography & Video

For Realtors, Property Owners or short term rental management, having imagery that presents a product professionally, is essential.  From marketing higher end property listings to AirBnb or VRBO locations, Heinemann Images provides a comprehensive option.  Including still imagery, aerial imagery, 3D walkthroughs, floorpans, Dollhouse 3D renderings and featurette videos. Your properties are an asset and investment, providing professional imagery to facilitate a sale provides benefit to the buyer, seller, and listing agent.  


The Product

Still Imagery:  Images are provided in requested formats.  Raw format (HDR), JPEG & Post Edited. The different formats allow for easy editing by Heinemann Images or a companies in house media department.  Imagery is fully customizable for web, print or social media application.

Video:   Featurette videos offer a highlight of movement through the property from both the interior and exterior vantage points.  The videos are typically 30 seconds in length but can be customized based on the needs of the project and can include both ground level and aerial footage in the composition.

Aerial Footage & Imagery:   As an FAA Part 107 licensed operator, drone imagery and video services provide the perfect addition to a property listing.  

3D Walkthroughs:   The 3D walkthrough option provides a tool for the tentative buyer to immerse themselves in the property as if they were standing in each room and walking the property through an embeddable link.  The ability to actively measure dimensions within the property allows for exploratory planning by a buyer.

3D Modeling (Dollhouse):   The 3D model rendering is a remarkable feature for any listing that allows the client to see the interiors of the property from multiple angles. With higher scale properties, this option provides a truly dynamic option for a listing.

Floorplans:   Floorplans are ideal for every listing.  With this, the information is up to date and accurate compared to the as built structure.  Any additions or modifications to a property are detailed when compared to an original floorpan.

Call or Text for more information:  954-290-7726

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