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Commercial Photography & Video

For businesses and corporations, having imagery that presents a product is essential.  Exceptional quality and professional imagery is what Heinemann Images provides.  From products still shots, to imagery for overlay and promotional video, we recognize your need for the best.  For project research and progression, we do offer 3D plotting, aerial mapping and scale imagery.

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The Product

Still Imagery:  Images are provided in 3 formats.  Raw format (HDR), JPEG & Post Edited. The different formats allow for easy editing by Heinemann Images or a companies in house media department.  Imagery is fully customizable for web, print or social media application.

Video:   Footage is captured in the following formats. 4K, 2.7K and 1080P, with various frame rates as would be requested.  We offer in house production or provide unedited video for your companies media department

Aerial Footage & Imagery:   Featuring various brands of drones (sUAV's)  we are FAA part 107 licensed operators

Underwater Footage & Imagery:   Featuring Chasing Innovations brand submersible ROV's, we are able to provide underwater structural inspection and research, video and imagery.

Call or Text for more information:  954-290-7726

Our Clients

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