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     Nick Heinemann has worn many hats in many professions that have taken him around the world.  One thing that has always existed, was his artistic nature.  Growing up in a family that was filled with creativity, Nick was the one to focus on visual artwork and photography. From pencils, to paint, to  photo and video, he consistently pursued the development of his talents.  

      Jumping head first into the Florida Keys, sight unseen in 2014, he discovered the nautical life and all of the colors associated with it.  From marine animals, palm trees and beaches, to the stunning sunsets on the water.  This is where the creativity would finally begin to flourish. 


     With the events surrounding hurricane Irma in 2017, relocation became a necessity.  An opportunity presented itself for a lifelong dream to be realized.  Nick moved to the Island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands and began selling his work through social media marketplaces.  The popularity of his pieces began to explode.  At the same time, his lifelong association with photography began to grow into a professional career. 


      With a positive outlook on life and a new found appreciation of his art, Nick worked with local establishments to increase his exposure.  Seeing a need to generate support for various non-profit organizations, he gladly jumped in by donating works to support the efforts of causes he found personal.  His work is consistently evolving in technique, imagery and creativity.  He encourages other and young artists, to pursue their talents and creativity, often purchasing their pieces for his personal collection. 

     Nick additionally began expanding his photography work to include videography and cinematography.  Covering the various disciplines, his photography work covers the Caribbean region, the United States, Mexico and other parts of the world.

     "The first thing you learn on your journey to becoming an artist, is appreciation.  Remembering and practicing that first lesson, has made my artistic journey, a great one."

                                                                                                                                     Nick Heinemann 


     Nicks images are becoming recognized on a worldwide platform as unique, stunning and brilliant. His photographic and video work is consistently called for by commercial publications, media and individuals.  Utilizing professional Canon cameras and professional Drone systems, his quality stands among the top professionals in the industry.

Virgin Islands Photographer Nick Heinemann of Heinemann Images
Virgin Islands Photographer Nick Heinemann of Heinemann Images
Virgin Islands Photographer Nick Heinemann of Heinemann Images
Virgin Islands Photographer Nick Heinemann of Heinemann Images
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