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     There can be many questions when considering any service provider in a region you are traveling to.  This section answers the most commonly asked questions pertaining to the services that Heinemann Images provides.  if there is a question that is not covered here, please feel free to contact Heinemann Images directly.  We would love to assist you.

Q:  What is the turnaround time on imagery?

     A:  The typical turnaround time for edited images is 14-21 business days.  For wedding imagery, the turnaround time is 30-45 days.  Whenever possible, Heinemann Images provides a few preliminary images in 24-48 hours of the photography session.  We are as excited to provide you with the images of your day, as you are to receive them.

Q:  How does the edit process work?

     A:  Heinemann Images provides a number of edited images based on your package or previous agreement.  The photographer reviews each image to evaluate various features that define it as an image that stands out on both a photographic and artistic level.  Each image is then edited in house by Heinemann Images.  We do not use a third party to provide editing services.  The images are edited for color, clarity, crop and details.  Removal of items such as blemishes and items that would detract from the image is done.  Upon completion of the editing process, the edits are uploaded to an online drive that allows you to download and share the imagery.  After uploading is completed,  the edited images as well as all captured images, (this can be in the hundreds) are loaded onto an SD card.  The SD card is then sent to the client.  Occasionally there may be an image that the client may want edited out of the captured imagery.  Heinemann Images is happy to provide a couple extra edits to the client at no cost.

Q:  Can you make me thinner or hide my wrinkles?

     A:  Yes and No.  Heinemann Images will make "You" look your best in the manner that you provide yourself.  Through posing, placement and lighting, the final image goal is to be flattering for you.  Gentle adjustments to skin areas provide a smoother appearance and in some cases, less visible wrinkles.

Q:  How many individuals can be in my group?

     A:  There is no limit to the number of individuals in your session.  Rates for the sessions directly reflect the group size and related time applied in editing.  larger groups are typically broken down to individual family units as well, in order to provide a more personal experience.

Q:  Can we have multiple locations for our session?

     A:  Yes.  Multiple locations absolutely add to the experience and to the variation of imagery.  There is a fee for multiple locations but is easily covered prior to the session.

Q:  Where do your provide services?

     A:  Heinemann Images provides photography and video services throughout the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Mexico.  Heinemann Images may additionally be contracted for photography services worldwide.

Q: How far in advance should I book a session?

     A:  A safe timeframe would be 2 months in advance.  Occasionally availability opens up with shorter term notice. By contacting Heinemann Images, availability can be determined.

Q:  How does your pricing work?

     A:  Pricing is based on session vs time.  This is done to avoid any added stress of time restraints.  Your session should be enjoyable and relaxed vs pushy and rushed.  Rates vary depending on session style.  Heinemann Images rates are based on experience, skill, location and licensing.  Heinemann Images is one of the few photographers, licensed to operate in the Virgin Islands.  Understanding that there are options when it comes to photographers in the Virgin Islands, should you consider another firm, we encourage license verification for their specific service, through the following link.

Q: What should we wear?

     A:  Wear what you are comfortable in above all else.  Some things to consider would be the following.  Morning sessions are always great however it does warm up quickly.  Lighter dress is always better.  Lighter colors tend to accentuate the colors of the water, sand and foliage for beach sessions.

Q: What Type of photography sessions do you provide?

     A:  Heinemann Images captures many different things.  a few notable sessions would be for weddings, engagement/elopement, couples, teen senior pictures, Bar Mitzvahs, modeling portfolios, maternity, family, newborns, commercial, product,  media, landscape, aerial, real estate and more.  Please feel free to inquire regarding your needs for photography.

Q:  Where does Heinemann Images service?

     A:  Heinemann Images is based in the US Virgin Islands.  This does not limit the service reach however.  I often capture sessions on any one of the USVI islands.  I additionally capture events and sessions in the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Mexico.  Additionally Heinemann Images provides photography services on an international scale as well.

Q: Can We order our prints through you?

     A:  Yes.  We provide you with an SD card that contains your imagery.  If you would like to order your prints through Heinemann Images, we do provide that service.  Alternatively, the client owns their imagery and may have it printed by any photo processor they choose.

     Any questions you may have as a client, we are more than happy to answer.

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